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Amazing Status For Whatsapp Status And Quotes: Thanks for visiting again friends, We Have Collected The Best Collection For You. Amazing Status| Amazing Quotes for WhatsApp 2018 then we must say you are in the right place. We finally manage to prepare the collection of best exam day status and quotes you surely going to love our collection. Also note, while copying any Amazing Status or quotes. If you are facing any problem then do let us know via comment below, we solve that issue.

Best Amazing Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

“When your ex asks if you can still be friends right after a break up, it’s like having a kidnapper tell you to keep in touch.”

“It’s funny how all trust goes away when you can’t find the remote. ”Are you sitting on the remote?” No. ”Stand up”.”

“They say “don’t drink and drive”. Well…. yesterday I was drinking a juice box while riding my tricycle. Yeah. I’m a badass.”

“Yes, I agree. Mums can find everything. Except for the ringing phone in their bags!”

“God is really creative, I mean…just look at me.”

“When I drink alcohol… Everyone says I’m alcoholic. But… When I drink Fanta.. No one says I’m fantastic.”

“Relationship Status: Looking for a Wi-Fi connection.”

“Relationship Status: Looking for a Wi-Fi connection.”

“The zoo is a pretty safe place to fart.”

“Doing the moonwalk is the only way to look cool while wiping dog crap off your shoes.”

“Before talking; Please connect the tongue to the brain!”

“I`m jealous of my parents, I’ll never have a kid as cool as theirs.”

“Can I take your picture?? I love to collect pictures of natural disasters.”

“The only reason god made cousins so that parents can compare our marks.”

“People say laughter is the best medicine. Your face must be curing the world.”

“When life gets tough, remember: You were the strongest sperm.”

“The difference between pizza and your opinion is that I asked for pizza.”

“Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband!”

“I don’t always lose my phone but when I do its always on silent.”

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it pays for internet, which is pretty much the same thing.”

“The annoying moment when the TV commercials are so long that you forget what you’re watching.”

“Don’t like me? Cool, I don’t wake up every day to impress you.”

“The only reason I am fat is because a tiny body couldn’t store all this personality.”

“Was going to rob a bank today but the pen was chained to the desk.”

“Today morning when I was driving my Ferrari, the alarm woke me up.”

“Those who say money can’t buy happiness are shopping at the wrong places.”

“Oooooh, that’s a bit too harsh. Let me put a `lol` at the end of it.”

“I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge.”

“Our language is called the mother tongue because the father never gets a chance to Speak.”

“That moment when a question on a test is so hard that even your inner voice is like “Fuck this shit lets work at McDonald’s”.”

“Sometimes all you need is love. Lol, just kidding, you need money. :’).”