Romantic Status

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Romantic Status For Whatsapp Status And Quotes: Thanks for visiting again friends, We Have Collected The Best Collection For You. Romantic Status | Romantic Quotes for WhatsApp 2018 then we must say you are in the right place. We finally manage to prepare the collection of best Romantic status and quotes you surely going to love our collection. Also note, while copying any Romantic Status or quotes. If you are facing any problem then do let us know via comment below, we solve that issue.

Romantic Status for Whatsapp 2018

“I’M In Love With You….And All Your Little Things.”

“I Never Wish To Be Parted From You From This Day On.”

“I Wanna Lay On Your Chest & Listen To Your Heart Beat.”

You Are My Heart And Soul. I Will Love You Forever Long.

From The First Day I Saw You. You Had Me, I Was Yours.

Every time We Say Good Bye. I Wish We Had One More Kiss !

Come What May…..I Will Love You…..Until My Dying Day.

With You, I Forget All My Stress. With You, I Feel My Best.

Feels Like Half Of Me Is Missing And I Hate This Feeling :O

Of All The Lies You Told Me, ” I Love You ” Was My Favorite.

When I Talk To You The Rest Of The Word Suddenly Fades Away.

When You Kissed Me With Love In Your Heart You Owned My Soul.

The Best Feeling Are Those That Have No Words To Describe Them.

A Hundred Hearts Would Be Too Few To Carry All My Love For You.

I Wish You To Know That You Have Been The Last Dream Of My Soul.

Love Is A Blind Whore With Mental Disease And No Sense Of Humor.

You May Hold My Hand For A While, But You Hold My Heart Forever.

Its Better To Have Loved And Lost Than Never To Have Loved At All.

When I Look Into Your Eyes, Its Like Falling In Love All Over Again.

The More We Filled With Thoughts Of Lust The Less Find True Romantic Love.

I Love You With All My Tummy, I Could Say Heart But My Tummy Is Much Bigger.

There Is No Difference Between A Wise Man And A Fool When They Fall In Love.

Love Doesn’T Make The World Go Round. Love Is What Makes The Ride Worthwhile.

When I First Saw You, I Fell In Love With You And You Smiled Because You Knew.

Life’S Most Beautiful Things Are Not Seen With Eyes, But Fell With The Heart.

I Think Of You At 2 Am. When I Can’T Slee And I Wish You Were There To Hold Me.

That Day Must Be The Happiest Day Of My Life! Because You Said ‘You Love Me’!!!

I Don’T Need A Perfect Relationship, I Just Need Someone Who Won’T Give Up On Me.

Regardless If Life’S Ups And Downs, You’Re The Sunshine That Wipes Away My Frowns.

It Seems Right Now That All I’Ve Ever Done In My Life Is Making My Way Here To You.

Wow ! You Have A Huge Pimple In Between Your Shoulders ! Oh Wait That’S Your Face.

I Love You For Who You Are From Inside. The Lovely Looking Outside Is Just A Bonus.

I Don’T Want Diamonds Or The World, I Just Want You To Hold Me And Call Me Your Girl.

If Your Love Was All I Had In This Life, That Would Be Enough Untill The End Of Time.

And I Promise You This, No Matter Who Enters Your Life, I Will Love More Than Any Of Them.

If I Had A Flower For Every Time You Made Smile & Laugh I’D Have A Garden To Walk In Forever.

When I Dream, I Dream Of You. Maybe One Day, Dreams Will Come True. Because, I Really Love You.

Thinking Of You Is Easy, I Do It Every Day. Missing You Is The Heartache That Never Goes Away.

My Thoughts Are Free To Go Anywhere, But Its Surprising How Often They Head In Your Direction.

You Are The Sun In My Day, The Wind In My Sky, The Waves In My Ocean, And The Beat In My Heart.

Love You Now Like I’Ve Loved You When We First Met, You Are The Other Half That Makes Me Whole.

Thinking Of You Is Easy, I Do It Every Day. Missing You Is The Heartache That Never Goes Away.

If A Girl Is Stupid Enough To Love You After You Broke Her Heart I Guarantee You She Is The One.

It Takes A Lot To Hate You, It Take Too Much To Forget You, But It Took So Little To Love You.

A Woman Who Truly Loves You Will Be Angry At You For So Many Things, But Will Always Stick Around.

Falling In Love With Just You, Again And Again And Again, Seems Like The Best Way To Spend A Life

If There Ever Comes Day When We Can’T Be Together. Keep Me In Your Hearts. I’Ll Stay There Forever.

Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength. While Loving Someones Deeply Gives You Courage.

There Is No Reason To Say “I Love You” Without A Way To Prove That It Is Undeniably True And Sincere.

I Don’T Want Anyone Else To Have Your Heart, Kiss Your Lips, Or Be In Your Arms Because That’S Only Place.